About Nifty Trees

About Nifty Trees

Nifty Trees shares the journey of bonsai art. We provide the digital tokenization solution (NFT) of bonsai specimen for immersive experiences. Nifty Trees is the global community at the intersection of all things bonsai art and cryptographic technology.

Why Nifty Trees?

Our online community connects bonsai enthusiasts and artists around the world. Think of it as a global bonsai society of Earth. We all love trees and share our experiences with bonsai art. Nifty Trees equips bonsai artists, practitioners, and professions with cryptographic solutions to unlock novel channels for sharing their art.

Nifty Trees - Origin Collection Image

Origin Collection

by Hawk Eye Bonsai

From the 2021 US National Exhibition unveil of Nifty Trees, we have initially minted a number of Nifty Trees from the Origin Collection. This NFT collection is the first IRL based collection representing select bonsai and their journey over time. Minted on Tezos (XTZ), each Nifty Tree is an edition of 100 tokens numbered x/100. The price is fixed for the initial supply: Token 1–33 for 1XTZ, Token 34–66 for 2XTZ, Token 67–100 for 3XTZ; After that, it’s up to the secondary market to set price.

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Nifty Trees - Sergio Cuan Collection Image

Sergio Cuan Collection

by Sergio Cuan

Sergio Cuan of M5 Bonsai Works is a super well respected bonsai artist, and as you can see, a very accomplished graphic artist. Our goal here at Nifty Trees is to bring bonsai to Web3 in all different shapes and sizes. Bringing someone of Sergio’s caliber on board with us is very important to our long term plan and we are hoping you’ll enjoy his work and support Sergio by collecting these NFTs. Read more here.

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Nifty Trees - Pixel Bonsai Collection Image

Pixel Bonsai Collection

by Nifty Trees

A sneek peak into the upcoming collection by Nifty Trees.

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